Mission Statement

Mitchell-Scarlett is a unified K-8 campus harnessing the power of a diverse community and partnership with the University of Michigan School of Education to support continuous opportunities for student learning driven by high academic standards and innovations in curriculum, instructional practices, professional learning, and community involvement.

Vision statement 

Mitchell-Scarlett is distinguished by a vision of education encompassing:

  • A combined K-8 campus where students teachers, parents and the university partners teach and learn together as part of a cohesive learning community.
  • Continuous learning where the academic year and the school day are extended to increase student achievement.
  • Culturally relevant practices that build upon the diverse community resources.
  • An enriched environment where innovative teaching, curriculum, and programsprovide opportunities that increase all students’ academic achievement and nurture whole, healthy learners.
  • A continuum of professional learning where highly effective teachers, teacher candidates, administrators and university educators form cohesive professional learning communities commit to studying teaching practices in ways that lead to improved student achievement.
  • A school-based community center  that empowers families through the assessment of their needs, perspectives and interests, and provides multiple resources that result in  mutually beneficial home-school partnerships.