Students, Teachers, and UM Interns Benefit from Cross Cultural Exchange – One of the goals of the Mitchell Scarlett Teaching and Learning Collaborative is to create meaningful projects that benefit all stakeholders: students, teachers, and interns.  This extended day project met these criteria.  Beginning this past February, 20 Mitchell third graders met weekly after school to engage in a cross cultural exchange with third graders from Hamilton, New Zealand.  In its second year, this project was organized and facilitated by Mitchell teachers, Beth McCready and Anne Reader, and two UM interns, Leah Askew and Erin Streyle. Learn more>>

Plans for 2013 Summer ESL Learning Academy – For the second year, the Mitchell Scarlett Partnership is helping to coordinate a summer academic and enrichment program for English language learners (ELLs) who will be in grades 4 – 8 in the fall.  The program is open to all ELLs in the Scarlett attendance area and will run from July 8-26 in the mornings (exact beginning and ending times are pending).  As in previous years, program goals center on strengthening students’ abilities to read and write informational texts and to build grade level math proficiencies.  Learn more >>

Scarlett Book Club/Study Group on Student Motivation – A group of Scarlett teachers has begun meeting to discuss current books and issues related to student motivation.  Sparked by a project idea proposed by music teacher, Deb Katz, the group has met monthly this spring, with Deb and UM instructor, Melissa Stull, facilitating the group.  Thus far, they have read and discussed How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character by Paul Tough ( and The Talent Code: Greatness Isn’t Born.  It’s Grown.  Here’s How by Daniel Coyle (  Learn more>>

Scarlett Extended Day Program for English Language Learners – Scarlett teachers and UM instructors teamed together this winter to support Scarlett’s English Language Learners (ELLs) in developing their English language and writing proficiencies.  This partnership project focused on Word Generation (, a vocabulary program used across all content and grade levels for all Scarlett students. Each week during the regular school day, teachers introduce students to 5 commonly used academic terms.  Students work with these words throughout the week with a culminating writing activity each Friday.  As newcomers to English, it is not surprising that some ELL students struggle with the writing component of Word Generation.  Scarlett teachers and UM instructors purposefully developed an extended day project with the goal of supporting students in drafting their written essays before they would actually be due in their language arts classes.  Learn more >>

Mitchell 2nd Graders, Supported by UM Intern, Create Staff Biographies – As part of the second grade writing curriculum, Ms. Padgen’s class completed a non-fiction writing unit focused on writing biographies about the Mitchell staff.   This project, led by Ms. Sala, a UM teaching intern, gave students an opportunity to practice these skills by developing interview questions, conducting and recording interviews, and returning to the recorded interviews to gather information for writing.  Visit the following link to see the students’ work:

Writing Project Involving Mitchell 4th Graders & UM Interns in AAPS News – See the following link to read about a writing project involving Mitchell teacher, Erica Hatt’s fourth graders and UM faculty, Cathy Reischl’s teaching interns.  The interns supported the fourth graders in a persuasive writing project about why Mitchell is the “coolest school on the planet.”  The culminating project involved students creating mini-movies, which they debuted to their families and school community:

2012 Scarlett Summer School Program – During Scarlett’s summer school program this year, middle school students and UM interns had an opportunity to work and learn from each other.  Serving approximately 60 students in grades 6-8, the program focused on strengthening students’ reading and math skills.   UM interns spent three days a week in language arts and math classrooms working with individuals and small groups of students.  This was the first time that UM’s Secondary MAC (Master of Arts with Certification, program was involved in Scarlett’s summer school.  Learn more >>

2012 Summer ESL Learning Academy – Housed at Scarlett Middle School, the Summer ESL Learning Academy (SESLA) supported 70 rising fourth through ninth graders in strengthening their language, science, and math skills. This was the first time that elementary students from all of Scarlett’s feeder schools participated in the program, and the first time that Ann Arbor ESL teachers, UM faculty members, and UM graduate students collaboratively planned and taught the literacy and science curriculum. Learn more »

Promise of Responsive Classroom and Developmental Designs Discussed in AAPS News – See the following link to learn more about how Mitchell and Scarlett are incorporating elements of Responsive Classroom and Developmental Design into their daily routines:

Scarlett Extended Day Program is Covered by – Scarlett Extended Day Program is Covered by – See the following link to read an article that describes work done through the Partnership at Mitchell and Scarlett in 2011-2012 and highlights the work of UM faculty, AAPS teachers, and English Language Learners in the Scarlett After-School Program:

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