August 11, 2015
by Jake Salazar
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Ninety English Learners Tell Their Stories of Challenge and Triumph in 2015 Summer Program

Poetry, rap songs and vivid videos filled the airspace at the Neutral Zone on Thursday evening, July 23, when 90 English Learners performed their stories of challenge and triumph for more than 250 families, community members and educators.  The Summer ESL Academy (SESLA) program, is designed to support English Learners to expand their academic English skills and prevent “summer slide” and was designed and taught be 18 ELMAC interns, and 8 AAPS ESL teachers.  The program is coordinated by UM faculty members Debi Khasnabis and Cathy Reischl and included fourth through eighth grade students from Mitchell, Carpenter, Pittsfield, Allen, Burns Park, Pattengill, Dicken Elementary Schools and Tappan and Scarlett Middle Schools. 

Overview of the program: What did you learn during SESLA?

Overview of the process of making 4th and 5th grade rap songs

Overview of the process of making 6th- 8th grade rap songs

Click on the following links to see and hear other samples of student work.

4th and 5th grade poetry

6th and 8th grade poetry

Jose Poem

Zombie Bullies in Middle School

Taking a Test

Hobby Hour

Challenges in Friendships

Three Mean Girls

Jose’s Business

August 14, 2014
by Melissa Stull
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2014 Scarlett Summer ESL Academy in AAPS News

This year’s theme for the Summer ESL Academy (SESLA) was “Making a Living/Making a Life.”  To learn more about the SESLA program and how 4th through 8th grade students, AAPS teachers, UM interns, and UM professors worked together, click on this link:



May 28, 2013
by Sarah Zimmerman
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Scarlett Extended Day – Sarah’s 4th Post

Blog #4 - May 27, 2013

This is it… the final blog! Although the school year isn’t over, as a senior, my year is coming to an end.

I had always wanted to be a teacher. I would sit in my basement teaching imaginary students, but within the last 5 years that dream had changed. I had many other ideas of what I would want to “be when I grew up,” as some would put it. But, as I finished up last week, there was a little spark of that dream of being a teacher.

As I talked about in the last blog, the improvement the students have made is just unbelievable!  Seeing this change and how much we have helped them is so rewarding! It was the feeling of helping the students and seeing results that brought back my dream of becoming a teacher.

Now, I can’t say I wake up every morning thinking yes, I will be a teacher one day.   Rather, I do things in my every day life where I see the part of me that wants to be a teacher.

Okay, back to extended day… So, I would like to thank everyone for such a wonderful learning experience. Mrs. Justyna, Mrs. Schultz, Mrs. Ransome, and Mrs. Ozuna, I can’t thank you enough for all you have taught me.  Oh, and I cannot forget the students. Thank you all for being our (the teachers’) inspiration; it’s your hard work that makes us enjoy extended day.

So, on my last day at extended day the students all gave out a light sigh and an “awww” when they found I was leaving. I had made real connections with the students, but it seemed as though they weren’t too interested in the fact that I was leaving.  But, as each student left the room I was given my own personal goodbye, thank you, and even a hug. With the smiles on their faces, I knew we were doing something right!

Not only have I impacted extended day, but extended day has impacted me. If there is one thing these students taught me, it’s try, try, and try again (they never give up)!

Sayonara extended day!!!

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